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Friday, April 25, 2014

Sweetest Goodbye

Time is ticking and we're coming down to my last 2 weeks here in Italy.


Yeah, I said it...2 weeks! It feels like yesterday, I just arrived here.  I still feel as if I have so much more to learn when I've actually learned a lot while living here. My mind yearns for more knowledge. It almost hurts to even speak of leaving such a fascinating country, but back to reality I go.

This experience has been a true blessing for me. Starting out, I had more concerns than excitements. Today, I have totally made myself accustomed to the lifestyle and the people here.
But Milan, this is not an eternal goodbye... you will see my face again sooner or later!

I will spend my next two weeks living it up and putting all my energy into this city to show my appreciation of its culture. I have had the best moments of my life here.

I love Italy.


1 comment:

  1. so glad that you enjoyed your visit... and I am sure you will return! Safe travels
    Lynda B.