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Sunday, February 16, 2014

God Is Real...

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful, you sit and wonder how it became beautiful? You question its existence and why it was created, its purpose.   

As I sat on the ski lift headed to the top of the mountain (which I should have avoided because I am absolutely no good at skiing down steep slopes), I began to ponder asking myself these questions. I obviously know how they came about, but they were so beautiful I had to think again. 

I wanted to ball my eyes out at such phenomenal scenery but I knew I'd look crazy getting off so I held myself together. 

I am so grateful to God everyday for this experience of studying abroad. Not just because I am studying in one of the leading fashion capitals in the world, but everything that comes with it. The travel, food, people, buildings, sports, fashion.... everything has already changed my life in a substantial way. 

Yes, I shaved half my head and got a tattoo (two things I would have never done back home), but the atmosphere of the culture is helping me to become more comfortable in my skin as well as learn more about myself. 

Have a goodnight and enjoy the pictures. Ciao.

Photo Cred: Caroline Rollert

Photo Cred: Caroline Rollert

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  1. Bianca,
    Tuesday, March 11th, I will be presenting to a group of women who are Stephens Alums - I was wondering if you could send them a special note from Italy.... Maybe tell them that an alumna (Sara) set up a scholarship and that you are in Italy... thanks to that scholarship.. (along with your hard work). Just an idea.. Hope all is well...